Beveled wall mirrors are the kind of mirrors with edges that are carved at an angle to give the illusion of a framed border all-around mirror. These mirrors have an edging that gives them an enhanced, subtle appearance. It also emphasizes the frame and gives them a polished appearance that ordinary mirrors lack.

Large Beveled wall mirrors- are they in vogue? Yes, framed or frameless mirrors with broad or curved beveled edges remain to be liked and in style; however, avoid small bevels and keep away from beveled mirror strips.

How a Bevelled Mirror Adds Elegance And Timelessness To Any Space

Some people might believe that large beveled wall mirrors are just used to add gloss to a space or to stand out from other conventional mirrors. However, there are other benefits to having a beveled wall mirror.

We at Mirrorwalla have been offering high-end, custom-made large beveled wall mirrors to NCR residents for years! You can indeed be sure that since our expert team has years of expertise, we will produce beveled wall mirrors that surpass all of your requirements.

●    Mirrors With Bevels Are Secure!

Large Bevelled wall mirrors are claimed to be a safe and secure alternative to ordinary mirrors. It is a result of polishing the sides, which also involves grinding out any minor flaws that might have developed while cutting.

There is no need to be concerned about anyone getting wounded on sharp corners because the bevel-slanting procedure will further smooth the rough corners. Our expert glaziers and production team at Mirrorwalla always adhere to the highest safety regulations to guarantee that your beveled wall mirror won’t create any problems down the road!

●    Superior to Regular Mirrors in Value

If properly maintained, these decorative mirrors will eventually turn into beautiful antiques. Large Beveled wall mirrors will therefore carry a greater percentage of the rise in value compared to those with straight sides because they are hand-cut with pumice.

●    More Appealing to the Eye

Because of how they reflect the light, large beveled wall mirrors offer a more polished and premium finish than conventional mirrors. Because of their angled edges, beveled mirrors are also free of the need for a framework.

Your Mirrorwalla’s beveled wall mirrors will be exceptional. Our expertly made beveled edges will give your mirror a more refined, delicate aspect that will highlight its frame and enable them to serve as the focal point of your interior design.

●    Any Home Décor can Benefit from Beveled Wall Mirrors

A beveled edge wall mirror is the correct approach if you’re seeking the ideal mirror without adding additional colors to your interior theme. A sizeable beveled edge wall mirror from Mirrorwalla will always go with your interior, whether you’re looking for a rectangular, square, or oval wall mirror.

●    Make it Look Spacious

A customized mirror will give the appearance of a larger, more spacious room in a room on the skinny side. It is a preferred option for homeowners who wish to create a fashionable yet practical décor option for a small bathroom.

The Process for Beveling a Wall Mirror

The edges of the mirrors are ground, polished, and leveled using a glass-beveling machine. Now the edges are angled. The width of the angle, also known as the slant, can range from 0.65 cm to 3 cm, based on class, production needs, design, and craftsmanship.

Cost Affair: Beveled Mirrors

Large beveled wall mirrors are more expensive than flat mirrors, but since advances in manufacturing technology, they are now considerably more affordable. The more sophisticated edgework more than compensates for the somewhat increased cost. This is particularly true for straight-line bevels since automatic beveling equipment makes them economically.


India’s leading mirror experts, Mirrorwalla, have been crafting and designing mirrors for almost 20 years. According to industry experts- Mirror edges might be clean-cut, flat-polished, or pencil-polished, but beveled edges are the most elegant.

Beveled is a phrase that many customers mistakenly use to suggest smoothed off, but it has a definite meaning in the glass industry. A large beveled wall mirror has a polished, tilted border that is typically 1 inch broad. It adds refinement to both framed and unframed mirrors by creating a light-curving edge.

The name Mirrorwalla has come to stand for elegant and cutting-edge designs, artistic craftsmanship, completely customized customer service, and superior quality.