The most frequent things that come to mind when considering how to brighten up your home decor are personalized wall hangings or paintings. However, don’t overlook the trendy acrylic mirror.

Though mirrors are a frequent home item, every residence often includes at least one mirror, and how you like to display it may have a significant effect on how individuals view the space.

New-Age Material For Better Decor Concepts

Whenever it comes to selecting a fancy mirror, however, you will discover that there are more alternatives today than ever before. While glass once served as the benchmark for mirrors, acrylic mirrors are gaining popularity. Is acrylic the excellent product for your mirrors, or should you commit to glass? To answer this question and choose the best option you’ll need to understand details about the best acrylic mirror as you already are aware of conventional glasses since your childhood.

Acrylic Mirror In Easy Words

The term “acrylic” mirror alludes to a polished thermoplastic sheet with enough reflection to serve as a mirror. Best acrylic mirrors are built purely of plastics and do not contain any glass; they are sometimes regarded as glass mirrors.” Nevertheless, whether acrylic is the right product for you will be determined by where you aspire to use it and your desired goals.

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It depends on the specific needs of using one. Hence being the best acrylic mirror supplier in Delhi, NCR region, we suggest evaluating your needs with us. By doing this not only you will have a clear vision of using the right material for yourself but also the results will satisfy you and your acquaintances in the end.

Why Buy Acrylic Instead Of Glass Mirror?

Acrylic Mirror is light & flexible, reflective thermoplastic composite material that is used to improve the appearance and safeness of showcases, point-of-purchase, screens, and diversity of manufactured parts. Buying a decorative mirror is suitable for uses such as department stores, restaurants, and shopping complexes and not to forget homes or residences.

Affordable And Reliable

Acrylic mirror products are relatively cost-effective to purchase, and due to their longevity and ease of installation, they are a long-life option. Any acrylic reflector can be cleaned with a small amount of domestic washing-up liquid blended in hot water and adapted with a gentle cotton cloth.

Buy an acrylic mirror and get assured of its practically scratch-resistant application during cutting, fitting, and even after. Thanks to long-lasting void metalizing procedures, such plastic mirrors are a dependable replacement for traditional reflective surfaces and are excellent for use where glasses seem to be too intense and may quickly break or shatter.

As a result, acrylic designer mirrors can be utilized to update glass mirrors in-

  • Educational establishments
  • Gym or yoga studios
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Shopping Complexes
  • homes, and other places in which safety is a consideration.

Best Acrylic Mirror Supplier In India

Unlike glass, an acrylic polish can be applied to revive the exterior of an acrylic mirror if it becomes damaged. On our website, you can find a bit of comprehensive advice on wiping down and preserving acrylic reflective surfaces.

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Substitute For Conventional Glasses

Glass mirrors can be found in our restrooms, residences and open spaces, stores, on our vehicles, scientific instruments, cams, and numerous other places. Many of these application areas allow for the replacement of old, broken, insecure, or damaged glass mirrors with innovative mirrored acrylic, and many more require that their mirrors be manufactured of acrylic.

Not To Miss

Acrylic mirrored products are a sleek and stylish way to add a touch of class to any space. They improve aesthetics and allow you to express yourself creatively. Most notably, acrylic reflectors have several advantages compared to traditional glass mirrors, demonstrating that acrylic mirrors are an excellent substitute for glass mirrors. So put them to use in your home and let your aesthetic genius light up!


Are acrylic mirrors easily scratched?

Acrylic Scratches and marks in the mirror covering are common. Basic maintenance is needed to maintain it looking stunning.

Are acrylic mirrors prone to cracking?

Acrylic mirrors are a perfect alternative to reflective materials because they are much the toughest and most durable and do not shatter if they split, making them safer as well. Acrylic mirrors provide great value for money & flexibility as they can be cut to every size or shape needed.

How much do acrylic mirrors cost?

An acrylic reflector might seem to be more expensive to buy than a glass mirror. However, acrylic mirrors are less expensive overall in long term. To begin with, they are lighter in weight, so you’ll devote less time transporting them. They are also simpler and less expensive to sustain.

What is the composition of an acrylic mirror?

Acrylic Mirror is manufactured from a continuously treated acrylic or polycarbonate sheet and afterward vacuum metalized to give the sheet a finished look aided by a sturdy protective layer.

Are acrylic mirrored surfaces reflective of the sun?

Acrylic mirrored products may be used in place of glass as gaming room windows, window panels, and more. Ultimately, they could still impart up to 92% of light, whereas glasses can only transmit 80% to 90%. Acrylic sheets, which are as clear as crystal, can emit and reflects sunlight more effectively than the highest quality glass.