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Tricks To beautify Your Garden With Mirrors

Mirrors are an all-time effortless home décor trick to beautify your outdoor spaces and gardens. They are simple to choose and easy to place. The space boosting capabilities of mirrors are the most significant aspect of mirrors that you can use for utility or decoration purposes. Decorative Mirrors are a great piece of home essential [...]

Know why you need to install a backlit mirror

If you are planning to go with the trend of the backlit mirror, we would say it’s a great idea.  Backlit mirrors are bathroom mirrors which have LED installed behind them. These LED-equipped mirrors illuminate the surroundings by evenly spreading the light around the surface. Let’s go through 5 reasons to choose a backlit mirror [...]

Placing Designer Mirrors Feng Shui Way

The Chinese art of interior designing is a mindful way to set up your interiors. It ensures that a great layout flows as the entire space is created with the little things. As we see the modern mirrors with great designs one can blend them with the Chinese art and make the mirror in their [...]